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Despite the first day of summer officially not being until the 20th, we at Destin Offshore Charters are in full swing for the summer! With the kids out on their summer break, now is the perfect time to start creating memories and documenting all of your adventures. We have a few pictures we’d like to showcase from May that we have shared on our Instagram and Facebook last month. Going forward, at the start of the new month we will be showcasing a few pictures you have shared with us of your awesome days on the boat and of course – your catches!

Destin Offshore Charters Destin Offshore Charters Destin Offshore Charters

Now it’s your turn! Document your fun in the sun this summer. Follow us on Instagram, Like our Facebook page and tag us in your pictures. Use the hashtags #CHARTERBOATBACKLASH or #DESTINOFFSHORECHARTERS on social media and maybe you’ll be featured in our June round-up! We’re ready to double-tap your catches!

Destin Offshore Charters Social Media
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Finally, red snapper season has been announced for federal waters. The Charter Boat Backlash will have 46 days for harvesting Red Snappers! These trips book up the fastest! Call ahead to be sure you won’t be left at the dock.

We will also be running night time Red Snapper charters. The Backlash is equipped with underwater lights and floodlights on the deck to light up the night. These trips are a great way to beat the heat and relax. Red Snappers bite just as good and sometimes better at night when the water gets hot in the summer.

If you are vacationing on the Emerald Coast, THE place to catch that trophy Red Snapper is on the Charter Boat Backlash. Captain Chris Kirby has a 100% success rate on ALL Red Snapper fishing trips. Call now for available dates.

Catch y’all on the water!

Amberjack Season is in Full Swing!


The Amberjack fishing has been awesome! The average amberjack weight is 40-50 lbs. These reef donkeys will give you a fight like no other. The Charter Boat Backlash is the boat to fish with if you want to target trophy Amberjacks in the Destin Florida area. Along with Amberjack fishing the triggerfish are still in season and we have been catching some beautiful triggers as well.

Don’t get left at the dock, book your trip on the Charter Boat Backlash with Destin Offshore Charters. Book it now! (850)685-9368

Destin Flathead Classic of 2016



The 2016 Destin Flathead Classic recently wrapped up its final day with a record breaking fish setting a new standard for the annual competition. DeeDee Phillips, with help from the crew aboard the Blanchita, reeled in a staggering 96.6-pound cobia on Saturday morning―blowing her previous 40 pound personal record out of the water. Oddly enough, the fish was found swimming alone and was almost mistaken for a shark because of its size. Phillips recounted the tale on the docks at the weigh in, saying the almost 100-pounder took 45 exhausting minutes to reel in and net. Not only did Phillips take first place for largest fish caught, but the Blanchita itself also took first place for the Big Three, with three fish weighing in for a grand total of 228.9 pounds! Phillips was humble though, insisting that she couldn’t have done it without the help and support of the crew.

After the weigh in, all the competitors and spectators alike settle in to celebrate at Boshamps Seafood & Oyster House, the restaurant that hosted the event. The 2016 Destin Flathead Classic benefits the Austin Lacey Fund, a noble cause that is always accepting donations, in and out of cobia season.

Over 130 cobia were reeled in over the span of the four day long competition but there are still plenty more fish to be caught out on the charter boat Backlash! Cobia tend to stay close to the surface of the water, only diving to swim with stingrays and leatherback turtles. So whether you’re a seasoned veteran of fishing or an onlooker who is just along for the ride, there’s plenty to see and do. The state record cobia was caught right here in Destin, weighing in at a whopping 130.1 pounds, so we recommend bringing a couple friends to help reel in the lunkers!

The weather this weekend is going to be perfect for getting some fishing in as well as some quality time with friends and family. Here at Destin Offshore Charters, the Backlash crew would be more than happy to share in those happy moments. So come aboard and get your sea-legs, enjoy some good company while you fish the legendary cobia of Destin, Florida. And don’t forget to mention cobia when booking a trip to take advantage of our seasonal specials. Don’t let this opportunity be the one that got away!

See y’all on the water!



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Overnight Fishing

Overnight fishing can be a lot of fun but if it’s your first time, it’s good to come prepared and know what to expect. Of course the captain and crew of the vessel you’re chartering will be there to provide any gear you may have forgotten to bring, help you learn the ropes, and have as much fun as possible. However, it’s always better to be as over prepared as possible instead of relying on the charter for gear that they may run out of. Bring necessities that you can’t be without, even if the charter already provides them, such as―changes of clothes, sunblock, and plenty of water. Extra fishing line and bait is always a good idea too, just in case the fish dine and dash one too many times!

It’s always good to pack your gear while keeping your targeted fish in mind; bring baits that will relate to the particular type of fish you will be fishing for. No need to bring the whole tackle box, considering space is limited on overnight charters. Everything you bring will for the most part have to fit below deck along with everyone else’s gear, so that the deck is clear to move around. The very last thing you want is the deckhands tripping over gear when they’re running up to net your big catch!

Carefully consider what type of fish you want to go fishing for as well. Think about the time of year it is, what type of fish are in season, and the location you’re chartering from. Depending on how new you are to overnight fishing, the captain may take care of most of this to start off with. But the more often you go out, the faster you will be able to make those decisions yourself and be responsible for your own adventure.

At Destin Offshore Charters we welcome beginners and seasoned fisherman alike to join us for overnight fishing off the beautiful coast of Destin. The Backlash and her crew are always prepared and knowledgeable on any type of fishing excursion you might have in mind. We will gladly walk you through the basics, or get out of your way so you can get down to reeling in the big one. And of course we’ll be there to back you up when you hold up your hands and tell your friends the fish was this big.

See y’all on the water!

Welcome to the Charter Boat Backlash!

Always stay up to date with the latest fishing news, weather updates, and weekly catches. I want y’all to have the most up to date info, so you’ll be knowledgeable on exactly what we are doing. Feel free to contact us anytime with further questions. See y’all on the water!
-Captain Chris Kirby

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Cobia Fishing Trip Special!

ITS OFFICIAL! The first cobias have been caught in Destin. The race is about to start. Hurry up and book your trip now that the word is out. Be sure to ask about our specials for Cobia fishing only.

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Amberjack, Snappers and Triggerfish

Well the water is really starting to heat up 70.2 degrees yesterday a few miles off the beach. This temp has made the Amberjacks turn mad! Past few weeks has been unbelievable for Amberjack fishing. The average Amberjack weight has been around 38lbs with a few in the mid 50lb range. Most of our bigger amberjacks have been caught on big live baits and also have been catching the smaller Amberjacks on top water artificial lures. The Vermillion Snappers, White Snappers, and banjo size Triggerfish have really turned on as well. With this water temperature heating up, the fish are going to be even more savage. It wont be long before the cobias make their way to Destin.

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Spring Break Offshore Fishing Trip

Here come the Spring Breakers and we love them! Had two trips today that were both half-day 6 hours. Ended up with plenty for dinner and leftovers to take home. White, vermillion, and black snappers are hungry! The triggerfish are still in season too and chewing nicely!

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Backlash Maintenance

Its time for dry dock! The Backlash will be on dry land for the next 2 weeks while we undergo all the maintenance we cannot do while she is in the water.

New shafts, rudder bearings, bottom paint, cleaning the wheels and making sure there are no barnacles in all the through hulls or on the underwater lights. Take care of her and she will take care of you!

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