Ship Your Fish

 If you are interested in shipping your fish after your charter, the Destin Ice House provides an exceptional option to get your fish filets home and they guarantee freshness.

Destin Ice House is centrally and conveniently located off the main Highway 98 that runs though Destin. They are approximately 5 minutes from our dock. Their address is: 663 Harbor Blvd, Destin, FL 32541. They are open Monday through Sunday 8:00am to 7:00pm and can be reached at (850)837- 8333.


  • For best results, you will need to take your fish filets directly to Destin Ice House immediately after leaving our dock. Please call ahead to let them know you are on your way and tell them you fished on the BACKLASH.
  • It will cost $3 per bag to vacuum seal your filets. They have bags as small or large as you would like. (Most commonly used are 1-2lb bags) They will also separate your filets according to species upon request.
  • If you won’t be going home the following day or have some one to receive the package once it arrives, they have the option to store your fish in house until you will be home. It will cost $3 a day to freeze and store.
  • The cost to package your fish will range from $15-$30 depending on quantity and packaging method they use.
  • THEY WILL ONLY OVERNIGHT SHIP YOUR FISH THROUGH FEDEX to insure the quality and freshness of the fish. Shipping will be a minimum of $70 and can increase depending on amount of fish and where it is going.
  • Please contact Destin Ice House direct with any other questions!