Destin Offshore Charters

Destin Offshore Charters, Charter Boat Backlash

Our company was built with hard working hands and a young man’s determination. Here at Destin Offshore Charters, the fishing charters we offer are high-end quality trips you, your family, and your friends will be talking about for months afterward. It is our passion and honor, to have you on board with us on the Charter Boat Backlash.

Our Guided Fishing Trips

Bottom Fishing, Trolling, Sword Fishing and Deep Dropping are all styles of guided fishing trips we offer. The length of fishing charter you book, will determine the distance offshore you fish, and what species are able to be targeted during that time frame.

The trips we offer for fishing charters range from half day 6 or 8 hour trips which are great for families, first timers and those who like to catch dinner and be back midday. The next option explores our full day trips which start at 12 hours and go up to 14, 16 or 18 hours. Full day trips are designed for the avid angler looking to fish deeper water, catch a larger mess of fish and target a variety of species. The next option is our bucket-list or overnight trips. These customizable trips can be designed based on your requested species as long as the season provides the option. Overnight trips start at 24 hours and range from 30, 36 to 48 hours.