The Captain

Captain Chris Kirby grew up in Niceville, FL on the Choctawhatchee Bay north of Destin. He grew up fishing with his father starting at age 4 and never slowed down. He’s grandparents bought him his first flats boat at age 10, living across the street from the bay he was always fishing or spearfishing. When he would get in trouble, his parents would take his boat away knowing this would be the worst punishment they could give him. He started working as a deckhand before the age of 14. Before long everyone started to see the gift Chris had. 

As soon as he was allowed to get his captain’s license he did. He started running fishing charters on the side apart from his deckhand job in the summer, earning respect from the older charter captains. Around 21 years old Captain Chris took a job on a private boat, which only fished offshore tournaments. After breaking the Mississippi state record Big-eye Tuna (weighing 203.9) and winning a few other tournaments he decided to start his own inshore charter fishing company in order to spend more time at home. 

After his first year on his own, he met his wife Shelby. Shelby has since taken over the marketing and booking side of things while Chris can focus on finding the fish. Now with over a decade under their belts, Captain Chris and Shelby Kirby have grown their family owned operation into a very hands on successful business. Their goal is to share their passion for fishing with everyone who steps foot on their boats and leave a legacy behind. See y’all on the water!