Full Day Trips

12, 14, or 16 Hours Offshore Trolling and Bottom Fishing

The length of trip you book will determine the distance offshore Captain Chris will be able to take you. 

Our all day trips start at 12 hours. These trips take place from 40 to 70 miles offshore. Typically, the larger grades of fish will be further offshore in places not so highly pressured. The main species targeted on our deep-sea bottom fishing trips are Red Snappers, Triggerfish, Amberjacks, White Snappers, Vermillion Snappers, Black Snappers, Scamp Groupers, Gag Groupers, and Red Groupers. The offshore trolling will be mainly target Mahi-Mahi (Dolphins), Wahoos, King mackerels, and Blackfin Tunas. (Please keep in mind species targeted and regulations will vary depending on when you book your trip.)

16 Hours Deep Dropping and Trolling

This is a change up from your normal all-day bottom fishing trip. Using electric reels, we will deep-drop in 600 to 1,100 feet of water for Golden Tile fish, Snowy Groupers, Yellow-edge Groupers and Barrel fish. We also will mix in hours of trolling for Mahi-Mahi and Wahoos. There is also a possibility while trolling to hook into a sailfish, tuna or marlin. These trips will take place 50-80 miles offshore.


What’s included? What should you bring?

We will provide all licenses, tackle, bait, and fish cleaning. Exclusions not provided are food/drink, personal items, and gratuity for the crew. 20% gratuity is customary and greatly appreciated.

We recommend you bring any food and drinks you would like while on board for the duration of the trip. Please bring a cooler with all of your food and drinks inside. We have a grill, flat top skillet, and microwave on board that you are welcome to use to prepare any meals. Suggestions for food are listed below. For personal items we recommend bringing a towel, change of clothes, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen etc.

Food Suggestions on all day trips: Pre-made sub sandwiches, breakfast burritos, wraps, precut fruit/veggies, slim jims, beef jerky, cheese sticks, variety packs of chips/crackers/cookies etc. For the grill or flat top skillet, hot dogs, sausages, steaks, hamburgers, kabobs.

Drink Suggestions: WATER!!! Vitamin water, Gatorade, Powerade, etc. Cokes, beer, liquor… (we just ask you don’t bring any glass bottles if possible).

Please call ahead for more trip details and availability.