Sword Fishing

Day Time or Night Time Sword Fishing Trips –

Swordfish are the king of the billfish class. Like shark fishing on steroids! Sword fishing can be done in a lot of ways with many different kinds of baits. They most commonly live in 1,200 to 3,000ft of water. The guided fishing trips we offer for sword fishing can be booked for daytime or nighttime. These sea monsters average from 90-200lbs but can grow upwards of 600+lbs. The average fight time is 45 minutes up to 2 hrs. We use all stand up fishing tackle with a standup fishing harness while battling these tough hard fighting fish. Along with a great fight, Swordfish are awesome to eat; they are the white tuna of the Gulf.


16, 18, or 24 Hour Trips

Our daytime sword fishing trips usually depart at 3:00am returning that evening around 7:00pm. The initial ride out to the sword fishing grounds is 80 miles and this usually takes about three hours. We also offer late afternoon departures on our 16 or 18 hour trips (if available) for night time fishing. On the 24-hour trip we will daytime and night time fish. The departure time for the 24-hour trip will vary.

What’s included? What should you bring?

We will provide all licenses, tackle, bait, and fish cleaning. Exclusions not provided are food/drink, personal items, and gratuity for the crew. 20% gratuity is customary and greatly appreciated.
We recommend you bring any food and drinks you would like while on board for the duration of the trip. Please bring a cooler with all of your food and drinks inside. We have a grill, flat top skillet, and microwave on board that you are welcome to use to prepare any meals. Suggestions for food are listed below. For personal items we recommend bringing a towel, change of clothes, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen etc.

Food Suggestions: Pre-made sub sandwiches, breakfast burritos, wraps, precut fruit/veggies, slim jims, beef jerky, cheese sticks, variety packs of chips/crackers/cookies etc. For the grill or flat top skillet, hot dogs, sausages, steaks, hamburgers, kabobs.

Drink Suggestions: WATER!!! Vitamin water, Gatorade, Powerade, etc. Cokes, beer, liquor… (we just ask you don’t bring any glass bottles if possible).
Please call ahead for more trip details and availability.