Half Day

6 Hour Nearshore Trolling or Bottom Fishing

Our half-day 6-hour nearshore trolling trips are great for first timers, families and kids. These are a great way to spend a few hours out on the water catching fish without having to go too far offshore. Normally, these trips will take place two to five miles off the beach. You will most likely see land the entire trip. Depending on the best bite that particular day Captain Chris will choose either trolling for King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel or bottom fishing for our smaller reef fish such as Red Snappers, Mingo Snappers, White Snappers and Triggerfish. (Please keep in mind species targeted and regulations will vary depending on when you book your trip.)

8 Hour Nearshore Bottom Fishing and Trolling

Our 8-hour nearshore option is also a great starter experience for the kids and first-timers or friends looking to spend a little more time out on the water but still make it back in time for a nice fish dinner. Not too close, yet not too far, this trip will take place eight to fifteen miles off the beach. On this trip you can expect to do a mix of bottom fishing and trolling. The main targeted species while bottom fishing will be Red Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, White Snapper, and Triggerfish. The main target while trolling will be King Mackerels, Spanish Mackerels and Bonitos. (Please keep in mind species targeted and regulations will vary depending on when you book your trip.)


What’s included? What should you bring?

We will provide all licenses, tackle, bait, and fish cleaning. Exclusions not provided are food/drink, personal items, and gratuity for the crew. 20% gratuity is customary and greatly appreciated.

We recommend you bring any food and drinks you would like while on board for the duration of the trip. Please bring a cooler with all of your food and drinks inside. For personal items we recommend bringing hat, sunglasses, sunscreen etc.
Food suggestions on half day trips: Anything quick and “Grab-n-go”. Pre-made sub sandwiches, wraps, precut fruit/veggies, slim jims, beef jerky, cheese sticks, granola bars, variety packs of chips/crackers/cookies etc.

Drink Suggestions: Water!!! Vitamin water, Gatorade, Powerade, sodas, beer, liquor… (we just ask you don’t bring any glass bottles if possible).