Drydock Season!

Every year around the last day of January we know playtime is over. Although we still fish some throughout the winter, a majority of our off time is spent hunting around the country. When February 1st rolls in, it’s time to get down and dirty. These first two weeks are spent grinding, sanding, waxing, painting, etc. Fixing anything and everything the boats need to have fixed before the upcoming season. This is our official gear up and get ready for the craziness!

If you have never seen The Fisherman’s Boat Yard in Freeport, FL it is worth the visit. In early February the Boat Yard is quite the site to see. All size boats from 40 footers all the way up to 70 footers are pulled out of the water and placed very carefully on dry land. There are some behemoths here! Makes a six foot man look like an ant when standing side by side with one of these boats.

Two weeks of preventative maintenance and The Backlash is ready to be back in her slip picking up the next group of anglers! HERE WE COME 2017!

backlash during drydock season
drydock for the backlash
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