Offshore Trolling

With the water pushed in really close this year, we are now able to offer some truly extraordinary offshore trolling at Destin Offshore Fishing Charters!

To those that aren’t as familiar or are coming here to begin their first fishing experience, offshore trolling is a method of fishing where you draw one or more fishing lines through the water, instead of actively keeping it still in one position. This is normally done off of a moving boat or, if fishing from a bay, by slowly winding in your line. This gives the illusion that the tackle or bait fish is moving.

Offshore trolling can be considered one of the most effective ways to locate and catch fish. It allows you to cover a lot of water faster and can also allow you to catch fish at depths where most are not comfortable or experienced enough to with regular fishing. This method is also used to precisely control depth and speed, for those picky fish that need dinner and a show before they take the bait!

Used to catch pelagic fish (fish that live on neither the bottom nor top of the water), we like to target blue and white marlin, dolphin (mahi-mahi), and tuna. Don’t be surprised if you hook a sailfish while you’re out there as well!

A huge part of our goal in providing you the best fishing experience we can is teaching you about the sport and educating people on the matter―whether it’s the first time you’re fishing with us or the hundredth. Our staff is always here to answer questions and help you, step by step, with any fishing, trolling, fish, or water-related questions you might have! We’re passionate about what we do here and always love to talk to and educate others about the sport we love to do most!

So come on out and consider Destin Offshore Fishing Charters a destination with the family and join us on either our daytime or nighttime trips, where you can put what you’ve learned about offshore trolling to use!

See you on the water soon!

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