Fishing Trips

6 Hour Nearshore Trolling

Our half-day 6-hour nearshore trolling trips are great for first timers, families and kids. These are a great way to spend an afternoon out on the water catching fish without having to go to far offshore. These trips will take place two to five miles off the beach; therefore you will see land the entire trip. We will mainly be trolling for King Mackerel and Spanish mackerel. See our latest news page for awesome Mackerel recipes!

6 Hour Nearshore Bottom Fishing

We require a 6-hour minimum for any type of bottom fishing. This is a great starter bottom fishing experience for the kids and first time anglers. Not to close, yet not too far, this trip will take place six to ten miles off the beach. The main targeted species will be Red Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, White Snapper, Triggerfish and the occasional Amberjack.

8 Hour– 10 Hour –12 hour Offshore Bottom Fishing & Trolling

For the ultimate bottom fishing experience our extended length trips are the way to go! The length of trip you book will determine the distance offshore Captain Chris will be able to take you. These trips take place from 15 to 40 miles offshore. Typically, the larger grades of fish will be further offshore. The main species targeted on our deep-sea bottom fishing trips are Red Snappers, Gag Groupers, Triggerfish, Amberjacks, White Snappers, Vermillion Snappers, Black Snappers, Scamp Groupers, and Red Groupers. We also offer combo trips where you can offshore bottom fish and offshore troll. The offshore trolling will be mainly targeting Mahi-Mahi (Dolphins), Wahoos and big King mackerels.

14 Hour – 16 Hour – Daytime Sword Fishing

This trip is designed for anglers looking for a different king of fishing experience. The Swordfish is the king of all billfish. These fast, powerful, unpredictable sea monsters are truly a fish of a lifetime. These trips will take place 50+ miles offshore and are weather dependent. Please call ahead for availability and more info!

18 Hour – Daytime Sword Fishing and Deep Dropping

These trips are what Captain Chris calls his “mixed bag” trip. This trip consists of daytime sword fishing and deep dropping for Golden Tile Fish. You may also hook Yellow Edge Groupers and Snowy Groupers while deep dropping as well.

24 Hour – Over Night – Sword Fishing – Blue Marlin – Tuna

These trips are completely customizable based on your specific requests! You can spend the whole trip bottom fishing or trolling. You can throw in nighttime sword fishing mixed with daytime deep dropping. The possibilities are endless. Call ahead to discuss with Captain Chris directly!

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