Wrapping Up October 2020

Destin’s 72nd Annual Fishing Rodeo, Triggerfish, and Amberjack season are coming to an end as we wrap up the last week of October.

The 2020 Gray Triggerfish season will close on October 26th.

The 2020 Greater Amberjack season will close October 31st.

Triggerfish and Amberjacks are both delicious to eat and fun to catch! Both species represent the experience of Deep-Sea Fishing in Destin, FL perfectly. Triggerfish and Amberjacks are hard fighting fish. This duo makes deep sea fishing in Destin fun for the whole family!

We had a record hurricane season this year which made for an interesting September and October to say the least. Most of our trips were spent dealing with the big seas that Mother Nature pushed in. We are thankful for the trips we were able to make and the fish we were able to harvest.

On November 2nd, The Backlash is set to be hauled out and undergo a face lift. We will be working with the Coast Guard in order to officially be certified to carry more than 6 passengers. We will resume normal operations starting the first of the year once we are finished at dry dock and the certification is completed.

Anyone who has fished with is during the 2020 season who would like to reserve the same date for the 2021 season is welcome to book now. All other bookings will be on a first come, first serve basis starting January 1st, 2021.

Looking forward to seeing y’all on the water and a huge THANK YOU to all the customers who fished with us this season

Category: Offshore Fishing