Private Charters vs Group Charters & Party Boats

When you are looking to book a charter boat in Destin, first you should know the difference in type of boats our area has to offer. The charter fishing fleet here in Destin is the largest in the country. The fleet includes a wide variety of different size boats and different types of trips.

When it comes to selecting the ideal Destin fishing charter for deep sea fishing, there are numerous options to consider. From smaller, intimate vessels to larger, fully-equipped sportfishing boats, there’s a charter that suits your preferences. Look for charters with experienced captains and crews who prioritize safety, offer personalized guidance, and possess a deep understanding of the local fishing techniques. Among the different types of boats you can find here on the Destin Harbor, there is also different types of charters. The most common are private charters or group charters.

Group Charters are for those that are have smaller parties and are looking to split the cost of a deep sea fishing trip. A group charter is when smaller groups between 1 and 4 passengers pay by the person and are placed on a Destin charter boat with other smaller parties. Therefore, it will not be just you and your family on the boat. This can be a good option for those who cannot afford a private charter but can also cause conflict if you are stuck on a boat with other people you do not care for. Another option often used as a grouping is a party boat or head boat. A party boat or head boat is a large boat that offers single passengers or multi-passenger groups to pay by the person and get on a boat with about 40-60 others. This option can be fun for first timers or last minute bookings. The main con of a party boat is you sometimes spend more time being tangle with other anglers versus actually catching fish.

Private Charters are the ultimate experience when booking any type of fishing charter in Destin. The price is more expensive but you and your family get the boat exclusively to yourselves. All the fish you catch is your fish and there is no confusion on what boat you are booked on. Do you research and read reviews to pick out the best boat to match your needs. Private charters allow you to experience deep sea fishing as it should be. Our charter boat here in Destin, the Backlash, only offers private charters. Therefore, it will only be you and who you bring on the boat with you. We do not group any parties together. Our price is high compared to most competitors and so are our standards along with a reputable reputation to coincide. It is our mission to offer the highest quality deep sea fishing charter there is.

So remember, when looking to book a charter boat in Destin, Florida and get out in the Gulf for some deep sea fishing, do your research and understand the difference between private charters and group charters. Understand the different size and styles of boats the area has to offer along with why prices vary from option to option. Most of the time the cheapest option is not the best options.

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